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How do I know this is not just a rug pull?

We are using DxSale and locking the liquidity wallet for 10 years. In addition, we are locking the charity wallet. We strive to be 100% transparent about the launch of GAPT unlike other projects you may find. By locking these wallets you can rest assured the dev team has no intentions of rug pulling. If you are not confident you can sell your GAPT back into the liquidity pool prior to the 10 year time-frame.

Why should I buy GAPT?

GAPT is a fair launch project and no dev tokens (we must buy in just like everyone else). We are transparent about our goals and the process we will implement to achieve them. Big decisions will be conducted via community poll e.g. choosing which charities to donate to. The contract is structured to avoid whales, day traders, and incentivize holding through several mechanisms. Continued holder distribution (airdrops) of 2.5% per transaction of GAPT, chance at winning the lottery fund once donation portal is live, multiple ways in which circulating supply will be reduced via burn and locked wallets.

Why donate to Charity?

GAPT does not want to be just another token. The dev team is dedicated to making a token that benefits the world and is not just another failed project or money grab. Another aspect is strategic partnerships with non-profits we donate to as well as publicity from these donations. This will bring additional attention to our platform and community allowing us to make bigger donations year after year creating a better world.

Do you have an independent audit?